How to Hide in Pottery Barn

by socadmin on October 25, 2012

Once a year these little beauties present themselves everywhere here in Vermont. Its always a treat when you happen to be out that day and see them. The poetry of it all is this: it is a young salamander in the terrestrial stage until it transforms back to an aquatic stage. I read that in Wikipedia. What they did not say is that Salamanders also blend beautifully in Pottery Barn’s latest color scheme.

Orange Salamander in terrestrial stage

Terrestrial stage back to the aquatic stage. That means there is still hope for us to go back to the sea and become dolphins again. I sure hope so. All this building and fighting caused simply by having an opposable thumb is over rated, over amped and getting just plain ugly.

The dolphins brains are the same size as ours and they don’t build cities, don’t fight wars and have a lot more sex.

So here’s hoping we can get back to the aquatic stage sooner rather than later!

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